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Market™ tote bag, recyclable, 90gsm non-woven polypropylene. Features 18" carry straps, tear resistant, water repellent and all seams reinforced and 8" bottom gusset.

Dimensions: 14.75" x 11.75"

Great bags for patients to use to take their medications with them to their doctor visit. Also check out the accompanying booklets My Personal Health Records, available on the Supply Logic website.

This bag is durable, and washable bag that the client, staff member, family member or other caregivers can easily and quickly put all the medications that the client takes and their Personal Health Record into and take it to the emergency room, hospital, or doctor's office.

Why?: Medications often change and with the variety of doctors involved in a person's care as they age or become more ill, it is difficult to remember to update one record of what the client is taking—especially what they are no longer taking. Even if a good written record is kept, it is easy to forget to take it when being transported to the emergency room or to the hospital or even going to a doctor's appointment. The easiest, quickest way to update their medical team members is to remind everyone to put all their mediations into the big read bag and take it with them. This actually provides the most complete, up to date information as to which medicines the client is currently taking.

How do we know it works?: This type of medication bag as been successfully used since 2009 in Europe and Canada and now recently in the US. Thanks to a British nurse who wanted a simple and "real" solution, the use of the bag has been studied and resulted in an increase in the number of complete drug histories, reduced drug-related errors, and actual savings.

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